2 Issues

2 issues have come to our attention:

Firstly, complaints about valid comments not being released. This site receives hundreds of spam comments per day, and thankfully only a few make it through our filters. Of those hundreds, there are dozens that are entered manually and get queued for moderation. We have honestly just been too busy to weed through and had often opted to just wipe them out. If you have been a victim of this, please accept our sincere apologies and realize it is nothing personal.

Secondly, the number of compromise attempts of our site has risen since our private client blog got mentioned in a publication. The content in the REDACTED article is the only content we authorized release of, and the only content that will be released. Feel free to continue to probe our site, you’ll not get far. In fact, your visits to several of our honeypot areas are helping us build yet another product. In other words, give it up et al. We know you’re there, we just don’t really care enough to block you.