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OSX Lion Preview Review

Here’s a quick summary of about 30 minutes with OSX Lion (© Apple):

1. Little “lights” under icons in dock were by default turned off in Lion (© Apple).
2. Smaller control buttons on the windows.
3. There is a new link in the dock called “launchpad” that makes your desktop look just like an iPhone/iPad (© Apple).
4. Address book looks like a book.
5. Strange sliding effect on finder view selector.
6. The finder’s (apple copyright lion Apple) left pane is now nearly identical to windows 7 explorer’s left pane.
7. The mail application looks quite different and again not in a good way.
8. Safari (© Apple) finally supports full screen.

In short, I may suggest some reservation when your desktop OS is modeling its “innovations” after a 4 year old mobile device. There are rumors of pending “multi-touch” capability but our touch-pad did not indicate any sign of it. If this is for touch screens they must be planning to tabletize their iMacs (© Apple) or something since it is obvious that touchscreens in a desktop formfactor are impractical. You think your carple tunnel is acting up now? Try holding your hand up in the air for long periods of “touch time”.

The beta is buggy and does not appear to behave correctly. It really looks like they may be attempting to create a 1 size fits all OS for all devices. Safari (© Apple) finally supports full screen. Something most other browsers have done for longer than we can remember. I used to use Netscape’s full screen mode, which means it’s definitely been around a while.

Those little lights in the doc that tells you the app is running are by default turned off. This could be a further hint at their plans to clamp down on mult-tasking the same way they have on their small devices. Windows 7’s “glass” box around the icon is synonymous with this. Exposé (© Apple) has a strange habit of overlapping the windows which seems to be a bug & dashboard (© Apple? If not, I’m sure they’ve tried to) looks different. The window comes from the side and is no longer transparent. Perhaps something not finalized.

Scrolling by default is backwards! Thankfully this can be fixed in mouse settings.
Apple (© Apple) is really in love with their own mobile OS, so much so that they are willing to deprecate their desktop OS features in favor of the mobile OS. Very counter-intuitive strategy. IMO.

However, last but not least, the most exciting change in OSX Lion (© Apple) so far! Drum roll please… Resizing windows from any side and as a special bonus, window animations! Welcome to the last decade Steve Jobs (© Apple).

So Apple (© Apple) manages to simultaneously salute the other OSes with some of their copycat enhancements while oddly moving toward what appears to be constraining a full computer to the input and formfactor limitations of a PDA. We can certainly cheer the prior.

As far as I’m concerned there is nothing better than Ubuntu’s “jiggly” windows. Or as I like to refer to them, the Jiggy Windows… or as the song goes “na na na na na na, getting jiggy windows.” But, Apple (© Apple) has done well to take a clue from them. Once again we will certainly be astounded to see how Steve (© Apple) spins these imitations as innovations.

Credits: thanks to Apple (© Apple) for sending the Lion (© Apple) Preview DVD and thanks for making it the easiest yet to install on my 5 year old Dell.
And thank you Dell for making the M1710. An amazing machine.

Disclaimer: We are not sure that Apple (© Apple) has ©ed the word Lion (© Apple) however since we are aware (© Apple) of their (© Apple) propensity for lawsuits (© Apple) we figure it can’t hurt (© Apple) to © the heck out of this.

Apple Products

Being something of a country boy I’ve never had much use for fancy stuff. Fancy makes a great hick word for things that cost more than they should because of their fad premium or people who prefer such things. Apple products are just too fancy. There are definitely people technical enough to make an argument for the fancy machines. I’ve heard them flat out admit that they just like fancy stuff. Fair enough. What I most often hear though are falacious comparisons between a 2x to 3x more expensive fancy box and an ancient Dell. I’m torn when a techie type speaks such nonsense. Is it savvy marketing that propogates the illogical loyalty? The type that causes even the technical minded to defy reason? As I mentioned earlier, fair enough if you just like fancy things. Or, if the Mac user is like my friend who says he just knows the Mac shortcuts, well more power to you, but for a techie to stoop to marketing slogans to defend their purchases it’s just shameful.

Let me set the record straight on the Mac vs. PC fallacy. Here at V-Tek we have several Dell M1710 laptops from 5 years ago. They are still treating us great and capable of running all consumer OSes, including OSX, and that fast! They have higher native resolution than the 2011 iMacs, and even have fancy lighting that of course we turn off. Are we due to upgrade? Probably so, but in the last 5 years how many fancy Macs have turned yellow and croaked? Not only par but probably sub par. As a matter of opinion I will include my thought (shared by many) that Vista was bad. However Windows 7 is stable, secure, and powerful for the average user. For the non-windows developer, if you don’t know Ubuntu you really are missing something.

In summary, there are good reasons and bad reasons to own any type of product. Even if you think it’s “cute” that’s your choice. Just save your superiority complex. I’ve worked for months on OSX and don’t even mind it, what I mind are the bogus comparisons. If you have extra money to spend get the higher spec PC and it WILL outperform a Mac in the same price range. If you just want it to look good, well beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I just happen to find the price tag to be a big part of pretty.

I was raised with the words of wisdom: “beauty is only skin deep” and believe it or not that’s right there in the Bible too. If you can’t trust the Bible, what can you trust? “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain…” (Proverbs 31). It’s not just true of people, but of technical gadgets too.