Anti-innovation Hostility

I realize it has been over a year since our last post. Our content moved to our customer section and we’ve neglected our public blog. However, based on some recent conversations it’s worth mentioning this for the sake of one of our former clients facing some tough challenges.

The bureaucracy heavy & politically active technological environment of 2016 has produced unprecedented anti-innovation hostility. A few years back we referenced this old article from Bloomberg as we noticed that our own teams were finding ourselves at odds with internal staff who were not getting the respect they deserved. As outside consultants we often get the royal treatment, and we’re often obliged to point out when our clients are missing the talent right in their own ranks. Usually such advice is accepted with gratefulness, sometimes with courtesy, but last week I was so floored by the blatant slander of a contributing FTE by their own boss that I had to fire our client. The thing about people like that is it’s not a question of if, but when. When will they turn on you too?

So rather than get much more verbose I’ll just leave this here for the sake of a very smart guy that got a really raw deal. Lay low and stay in touch:

And this one… “…and consistently the MBAs do worse than every other group of participants. … Even kindergartners are kicking their butts…”