Microsoft Market Share 87.5%, that’s HUGE!

In an article entitled “Apple crushes forecasts again…” the Reuters “reporters” rely almost entirely on the words of one Tim Cook, who just happens to be Chief Operating Officer of… you guessed it, Apple.

On the same day, Intel’s PR department was explaining that there had been some strong purchasing in the past quarters and current numbers represent modest results, despite headlines like “Intel’s sales shine, defy PC growth fears” or “Intel’s earnings leap on business demand for PCs“.

So now look at the MacObserver version of this: “Apple Crushes PC Market with 28% Growth in Mac Sales. Wow, impressive. Also, again, lots of quotes from Tim Cook. In fact a lot of similarities with the Reuters article, only everything bigger, and now for the fun quotes:

IDC pegged Apple’s March quarter market share at 8.5%, up from 7% in the year-ago quarter” – Though half a year ago we were reading this: “Apple’s now third largest PC vendor in US with 10.6 percent market share. That was from Engadget, but don’t be fooled, that could be a different type of market share. Now look at this article from just about a week ago: Gartner rivals IDC to report Apple fifth largest, with 9.3% share of US PC market.  Ah, ok, now Gartner thinks the market share is higher, but look closely at the chart! Yes, that is a vendor list, it isn’t Apple vs. Microsoft, it’s Apple vs. Toshiba. That’s the same stat as the other two articles! Not only that but the stat that is consistently chosen by Mac fan sites are the vendor lists, not the OS comparisons, why? SPIN! Apple is still tiny in the PC Market and the most recent OS specific market share numbers (averaging 7 different reports March 2011) Microsoft 87.5%, Mac 7.12%. On phones, Android has more than TWICE (4qtr 2010 Gartner) the market share, despite the headlines.  Now just for laughs, how do you like this one from Apple fanboys pretending to be reporters in January 2009 (yes, 2009, that’s no typo) “Apple market share tops 10%, Windows share lowest since tracking began. So in January 2009 it was 10% and now it is 8.5% and this is fantastic news? That’s what Apple wants you to believe. BTW, the “Windows share lowest ever” had Windows at 88.7%. Gulp, they lost 1.2% share in more than 2 years. At this rate anyone else has a chance at getting just half the market share in, oh, roughly 75 years.

Apple has tapped into some powerful fuel. Firstly, fanboys. Fanboys are so completely loyal that they completely ignore any logic or factual information for the sake of their cause. They create faux IT news sites, blogs, and even magazines to promote their cause. The second, the tendency of news to really emphasize small things while downplaying the truly large. In other words, straining at gnats and swallowing camels. Hence the title of this article. Just don’t be fooled, there is a LOT of fluff, especially in the APPL stock price.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Market Share 87.5%, that’s HUGE!”

  1. Yes, its apple vs Microsoft deal.
    But in this era apple shares are increasing day by day.

    Thanks for this great news.


  2. I think Apple may not have such a large share, very few people use Apple PCs and everyone uses Windows. so it doesn’t even seem like they might even have 5% share.

  3. There are lot of competitors for Microsoft in software market but MS is the top, great company with wide range of products , always developing something. We can say “It is the company never sleeps”

  4. Great article. It is truly bewildering how Apple fanbois are willing to suspend their analytical faculties and be marketing sheep for some corporation. The same corporation who promotes closed systems, less choice, patent the silly and obvious (e.g. the rectangle shape, having a contact on the homepage, etc, etc.), veto books that are critical of Steve Jobs on the Apple bookstore (e.g. iCon), and charge customers MORE money than their competitors.

    I liken the phenomenon to people who are religious. The needing to convert and constant proselytising (my OS/phone/faith is better than yours), the suspension of critical thought, and hope for worldwide domination :)

    1. They certainly are zealots. Thanks for visiting and the interesting information. I’ll have to check out the iCon book. You know, a few weeks ago I did something a bit crazy. I decided to clone my laptop drive with triple boot and see how it did on a desktop computer. Would you believe Windows 7 worked everything out? 1 reboot and it was 100% working on a completely different machine. No DVD necessary. Ubuntu, actually came in second. Not only did I have to boot in recovery mode but after it was a real pain to get the video up to par. Then there is OSX, dead as a door nail. Even with an attempt at recovery off of the DVD, it recognizes that OSX is on the drive but refuses to start it. That’s just reality. I’m not a big fan of bureaucratic beasts like MSFT, but if they produce good stuff then it’s good stuff. NTFS is still the most feature rich desktop file system that exists in terms of security. If Ubuntu could handle user permissions the way NTFS does they’d have a chance at cracking the enterprise office workgroup nut. It just doesn’t. :-\

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